Yellow Pheromone Traps

Traps-A4 Yellow Pheromone

Approx Price: Rs 22 / Piece 
Traps-A4 Yellow Pheromone We are a Manufacturer of Yellow Pheromone Traps with taking after determinations and elements. Yellow and blue color of these traps make waves favored by the insects which get attracted. They can raise the capturing chances of success. The best reason to use these traps is to keep track of insect population trends (those mentioned above) in your fields. The traps will not totally replace plant inspection, but they can be valuable additions to a pest scouting program. They will not only provide information on when to apply pesticides, they let you know how the control program is going. How they work: These sheets are coated on both sides with special non drying insect trapping adhesive specially formulated for the trapping of sucking pests. The color of trap has been selected as being a very attractive color for pests/insects, which become entangled and held in the glue when seeking to land on the trap, catching nuisance flying insects particularly where poison sprays cannot be used. Aphids , Jassids, Green fly & leaf hoppers and many other flying insects are attracted to the color yellow, while thrips are attracted to the color blue. These traps are installed in the fields at the rate of 5-7 traps per hectare for monitoring. Traps should normally be attached to stakes at crop height and placed within the crop with at least 50m between each trap. Benefits : 1. Easy to assemble, easy to monitor. 2. Monitors all SUCKING PESTS. 3. Plastic polymer sheets can withstand sunlight.
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